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Wesertunnel Marathon

Autor: Christian Hottas Data : 2004-01-17

On Sunday 11th Jan. there had been the unique "Wesertunnel Marathon" near Bremerhaven (GER). The Wesertunnel is a new-built tunnel under Weser river, which shall be given to the car traffic on Tuesday 20th January by Germany's minister for traffic Manfred Stolpe. The Wesertunnel Marathon was the first official use of the Wesertunnel.

The tunnel has a length von 1646 meter, wherefrom the marathon used the middle 1623 meter. The course went down from the east end of the tunnel to the bottom under the river, up to the west portal and back again. There had been 13 "laps" to run which made a total of 546 meter descend and climb. So it had been a really tough race!

The 98 runners from 4 nations (97 finished) came from U.K. (3), Denmark (2), Poland (1) and from all over Germany. There had been 5 women and 93 men.

The race which had a great athmosphere was dominated by two runners: Frank Themsen (Bremen/GER) was leading from the start and finished after 2.44.59 h. 2nd was Christian Sörensen (GER) with 3.01.07 h, 3rd Bernd Loddeke (GER) with 3.03.30 h.

Barbara Szlachetka (Jelcz-Laskowice/POL) did a great race, too. So there was no doubt at all that she was going to win. She finished 38th total and 1st lady after 3.55.03 h. 2nd lady was Rosemarie von Kocemba (4.44.15 h), 3rd was Doris Sagasser (GER) with 4.51.06 h.

There had been a big resonance in the medias including TV about the unique race which will never be repeated.

So Barbara Szlachetka will be the all-time-course-record-holder of the Wesertunnel Marathon as she is of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel Centenary Marathon (which was only at the 100th "birthday" of this tunnel on 4th August 2002) and she is also the course record holder of the Salt Mine Marathon Sondershausen (which is the lowest and deepest marathon course of the world).

More information on www.100marathon-club.de. You will find the results under "Wesertunnel Marathon" in the yellow part under the red.

Best regards!

Christian Hottas

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(jang) Autor: jang, 2004-01-17, 16:03 napisał/-a:
Gratulacje dla Basi Szlachetki, pogromczyni podziemnych maratonów. No i Kociemba jak widać ma dziarstko biegające krewne w Reichu.


(Kamus) Autor: Kamus, 2004-01-17, 20:07 napisał/-a:
Brawo Basiu! Jesteś naszym Ambasadorem.


(Yurek) Autor: Yurek, 2004-01-23, 12:55 napisał/-a:
Warto nabyć ostatni nr "Joggingu" (01.04), w którym m.in. 2 strony poświęcone są Pani Basi.



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